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A native of Lincoln, NE, Dave Sullivan began his professional music career while in his mid teens playing with a number of different bands on the local club circuit. Music types ranged from 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, Top 40, and Country. While continuing to play locally and regionally during his college years, Dave began applying greater focus to writing eventually recording his first and second albums, "Endless Road" in 1987 and “Change In Time” in 1988.


In early 1989, Dave moved to the Los Angeles area. There he interned for two record labels and played locally to promote the “Change In Time” album. Dave also wrote jingles for radio and T.V. spots during the late 1980’s.


In the early 1990’s, Dave joined a popular R&B band in the Kansas City area and continued to write new music. Some of the highlights while playing with the band included a performance at the annual Kansas City Jazz & Blues Festival.


Since moving to Omaha, NE, Dave’s primary musical focus has been on writing and recording. “This Vow” is the first recording from the upcoming new CD release scheduled for the Summer/Fall of 2021.


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